Broadcast from Home

A new work by Lisa Bielawa in response to the coronavirus crisis. “Broadcast from Home is a new large-scale work open to contributions from the public that will evolve and premiere in sections here on this page…I am collecting: YOUR TESTIMONIES, reflecting on experiences of the coronavirus crisis; and YOUR VOICES singing melodies that I will write using these testimonies. Your voices will be the building blocks of the new work, which will be released in CHAPTERS each Thursday. By contributing your experiences and your voices from wherever you are in the world, you will join the Broadcast from Home project.”

UNC Charlotte students in Advanced Typography, Spring 2020: Laura Allen, Maha Ansari, Michael Bass, Gerson Berrio, Caroline Blinson, James Bourke, Jessica Eppinette, Emma Headley, Asantewaa Hooks, Jamie Ku, Kara Menck, Marshall Pritchard, Vala Rizvanolli, Timothy Schaefer, Julianna Silva, Caylee Stark, Miranda Starnes, Matt Teseniar.

Design/Production of Chapter 2 animation by Cynthia Flaxman Frank


Kinetic Type Animation for ”Broadcast from Home: Chapter 2—Tiny, Powerful (for A.S.)," by UNC Charlotte students in Advanced Typography. Students animated individual phrases from the libretto Lisa excerpted for "Chapter 2." The phrases were then layered, sequenced, and timed to accompany Lisa Bielawa's final score. Broadcast from Home will be entered into the Library of Congress as part of its permanent record.

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