Peacehaven Community Farm Sensory Space

The Peacehaven Community Farm Sensory Space (LeBauer Park, Greensboro, NC) was designed by PAC3, a public art collaboration between Cynthia Frank and Carrie Gault ( In 2015, our mutual interest in dynamic form/space relationships led to a desire to create public art together. We believe: 1) pubic art can and should speak to as wide an audience as possible, and 2) its content and form should be meaningful and engaging. PAC3 strives to make artistic connections with the surrounding cultural landscape and designs with the underlying idea that art can start a conversation with its audience. (Watch video below.)

The Sensory Space is an interactive, inclusive sculpture designed for both the particular audience of children with sensory differences, and for the general public. Highlights | angled curves of the wall in places to create slight overhangs with easier access; a long playful mosaic flows along both sides, with bright colors to improve its visibility and pop off the 2D surface; various textures of glass tile invite the children to run their hands along the wall; playground components and expressive words engraved in the concrete offer opportunities to create sound and to vocalize; mosaic mandalas each address one of the 5 senses; hidden tiles scattered throughout the wall encourage a treasure hunt.